In the event of weather-related school dismissals or cancellations, please do not call the school offices or radio or TV stations.  This ties up the phone lines and prevents necessary calls regarding dismissals or cancellations from being made. Important Note:  When school is cancelled, all scheduled activities are cancelled.  When school begins late, all morning activities are cancelled.
There are numerous ways to receive notifications:
or with the advances of technology you may opt to receive notifications via phone call, text message, or email.

Our Infinite Campus student database system allows us the option to send, via one phone call/text message/email, information on school delays or closings.  You are able to control how you receive these messages via the Parent Portal.  Under User Account/Contact Preferences you can check whether you want to receive a phone call, a text message, an email, or a combination of those.  Messages can go out either as an emergency, general, or priority notification.  If you need information on how to set up your parent portal, please contact the superintendent’s office, or email